Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeah, Kick ass OVIE! Maybe?

Here's something interesting that has been happening while watching this game online (pw: glass) Your humble blogger was born in Houston and raised in South Texas so aside from the Houston Aeros and the RGV Killer Bees, I dont have a real rooting interest with any hockey team. Thus, my feelings for this game have gone something like this:

Well Oven is a pretty bomb ass player and Semin sounds like semen and if your name makes me giggle, you're ok in my book. But damn, I got such a soft spot Avery. That rabble rousing fuck.... GOD DAMN, FLEISCHMANN HAS SOME MUCH SPACE... OH SHIT! GOOOOOOOOOL! What a goal! Theodore has been solid tonight.

(Avery trips Mike Green in what could be interpreted by some as a penalty, its obvious I'm giving him the benefit of a doubt... and I guess I always will.)

I should be pissed at him, Caps just got robbed. But I cant help but smile whenever Avery does something douchey...

What's interesting about this?

When I really dont know who to cheer for I often find that my feelings decide my rooting interest. Suddenly, and subconsciously at first, I will find myself rooting for one team over another. I don’t control it, and it’s not bound by any logic it just… happens. When one team scores I fist pump, when the other team scores I throw things at the wall think seriously about sacrificing an animal to the hockey gods. (I dont.) And as I'm typing this Semin just scored a PP goal off of an Ovechkin bounce early in the third and I'm happy.

When you dont have a rooting interest in a game its kind of hard to buy into the contest because I guess we dont really care when anyone else but the home team wins. And as a true Hockey Orphan, I've sat through quite a few games where I do nothing but put my fanship on auto pilot and let a club win me over.

Maybe the mind just lies to sports fans to justify their perpetual viewership? Because, after all, you don’t watch to see your team win or lose, you watch simply just to see your team.

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